Women’s Health

Jordan Landing Family Medicine specializes in women’s health care, monitoring reproductive and whole-body health for women of every age, from adolescents to seniors. All women deserve care from a provider dedicated to improving well-being in every aspect of their lives. Whether you just began menstruation or you’re just starting menopause, we are here for you every step of the way.

Preventive Exams and Checkups

womens health

At Jordan Landing Family Medicine, proactively taking care of our patients is our priority. Regular pelvic, breast and physical exams are essential in identifying abnormal conditions in their earliest stages, ensuring you receive speedy treatment. When you become a patient at our family practice, we set up an appointment schedule that keeps you on track. We help you understand the importance of regular screenings and their role in helping both you and your doctor stay on top of your health.

Supporting Reproductive Health

Throughout your life, you may experience a range of conditions related to your reproductive health. When you’re confused, worried and stressed about your symptoms, you want answers quickly.

Jordan Landing Family Medicine excels at identifying and treating reproductive health problems. From abnormal vaginal bleeding to unexplained discharge to sexually transmitted diseases, we help encourage reproductive health with a fast response and immediate treatment.

Are you trying to find the right birth control method that works for your body and your lifestyle? You can depend on our team for insight. We educate you and help you decide on the method that provides the best type of reproductive control for you. If you have questions about your fertility, we do a complete exam, arrive at a diagnosis and help you learn about your options.

Managing Lifestyle Changes

As women age, they face a whole new set of bodily changes. From managing menopause symptoms to staying active to eating right, you need a provider who will help you stay attentive to your health, now more than ever.

Jordan Landing Family Medicine helps older women monitor blood pressure, manage cholesterol, stay on track with mammograms and maintain immunization protection. You can age with vigor — we’ll help you prepare for retirement in your later years.

What Sets Us Apart

Women and men face many of the same health issues, but women have many unique experiences, and you need a provider who understands and appreciates this.

Jordan Landing Family Medicine helps women maintain general wellness through exercise, stress reduction, depression treatment, healthy eating and more. Our team also pays specific attention to women’s health concerns, such as reducing the risk of breast, ovarian or cervical cancer, preventing yeast infections, treating osteoporosis and more.

At Jordan Landing Family Medicine, women’s health is a priority. You are a priority. Make your appointment today at our West Jordan office, and trust our team for the unique, personalized care that fits you.